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Picture of a cute rescue kitten in a teacup

The good thing about this cute rescue kitten in a teacup picture is that it is not Photoshopped. It is unedited. It is real. And this is not a teacup cat! It’s Bugs in a giant teacup and saucer. It works really well. Cats like to climb into the security of a big teacup. The original teacup cat 😉 . Teacup cats are selectively bred very small cats. You can’t get them anymore because although they were and are popular, it’s not a good idea to breed cats very small for health reasons. My thanks to the Facebook group Love & Hisses for the photograph. I believe that it was taken by Robyn Anderson. Nice job.

Bugs says they’re both wrong – it’s clearly Teasday

Cute kitten in a teacup. Click the image for a large version. Photo: Facebook group Love and Hisses. Nice photo, well done. I improved the image quality a bit.

Love & Hisses

There’s a nice little story from the Love and Hisses Facebook webpage. The story concerns what I’d call a little Turkish Van type kitten who was taken in 2 months ago by Forgotten Felines of Huntsville, a rescue group in Alabama. As is the case with so many lost and forgotten kittens and cats, she was covered in matted fur and had a bad wound. She was pregnant and went into labour. She was named Bunny and gave birth to 6 kittens. The foster carer, Robyn Anderson took care of them with supplemental feeding which helped the mother to heal.

A couple weeks later a rural shelter nearby needed help and they contacted Robyn. They had two kittens (Clyde and Cutey). Apparently they had been turned in as strays but there was no place at the shelter for them. A meeting was set up between Bunny and the newcomers. Bunny sniffed them and disapproved of their presence. Unsurprising.

But Bunny allowed the newcomers to snuggle up with her kittens and, “There was zero hissing and growling when they met Bunny’s kittens. It was immediate playful friendship,” Robyn said.

Clyde was determined to win over Bunny and he took every chance to get close to her. Once again he was rebuffed by Bunny but Clyde would not take no for an answer. He was on a mission to be accepted by her. He followed her everywhere and eventually Bunny began to lower her guard and exchanged a few nose touching greetings with Clyde.

When Bunny was nursing her kittens Clyde would sneak in to join them for a quick cuddle along with her litter. Now Bunny welcomes Clyde when he wants to cuddle and he couldn’t be happier. Clyde is so happy to have a mum to cuddle and siblings to play with. I want to know what happened to Cutey!

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