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Picture of a defanged domestic cat — 9 Comments

  1. The way things are going in the UK for cats, I can see this mindless barbarity becoming established here eventually. Yes, we are THAT stupid too.

    Vets who declaw, devocalise, defang, dock tails should be removed from work with all animals.

  2. One more comment from Becky Robinson. I just ran across it in my research on domestics wth missing claws and canines. Please look for it. Here is that pic, but I was unable yet to catch a yawn!

  3. Yep. This is deranged. I cannot show any patience for members of our society who exhibit ignorance, cruelty and negligence like this! There are many others out there like this kitten. We need to do whatever we can. Thank you for bringing up this topic. I’ll get you a jpeg as soon as I can for Arthur.

  4. Michael, this is what I am worried about. When you foster or adopt a domestic with a missing canine and strange-looking front paws (two missing claws one on each), it doesn’t seem “weird” to surmise that he might have been abused, does it? Because my my mind keeps replaying this thought. He was found on the streets; lived in a shelter for eight months, and then was released to me. He is strong, playful and wants to chew on my fingers. I just figured it was due to his ghost canine… Help.

    • As the fangs tend to be very deep rooted, maybe he has some root/bone fragments in his gum? This can cause irritation like teething, or even pain, his finger chewing might be a way of giving himself relief. A paw x ray might reveal how those two claws came to be missing.

      • Thanks, Jane. He gets to “teeth” on my fingers, as long as he’s gentle, otherwise I say “Ow,” and pul away. He’s made quite a bit of improvement in the instances of biting too hard. They did x-rays. He’s got good x-rays on his gums. I did find his middle claws, that was my mistake. They were just hard to find, even though I massage his paws throughout the evening. Any other ideas? But he does knead his front paws as though something but besides being taken from his mother too young. Maybe you or someone can help me with this? TIA,

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