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Picture of a dog stuck up a tree chasing a cat is unique

You may have heard that our firefighters get cats out of trees, but what about dogs?!?! Right after Truck 30 and Engine 35 dropped off Santa that was exactly their next call. – Facebook post by Firefighters

TRACY, Calif., USA: The firefighters called out to rescue a German shepherd stuck up a tree after chasing a cat said it was a unique experience. I have to agree. They are used to getting cats down from trees but never a dog, and a big one, until now.

Photo: Lathrop Manteca Fire District firefighter.

I took a chuckle. I thought, well, this is a first and I immediately placed a phone call to find out if somebody was kidding with me…- Lathrop Manteca Fire District firefighter chief.

Sharon Thurston’s German shepherd dog is her baby and she was shocked to see him up a tree when she let him off the leash for a few minutes. He is obsessed with chasing cats and a cat had climbed a tree. But the cat was not stuck until the dog arrived! This prevented the cat from getting down.

Dog chases cat up a tree and gets stuck. You can see the ladder being raised up. Photo: Lathrop Manteca Fire District firefighter.

Thurston called the fire department and they kindly obliged. The dog’s lead had become trapped in a branch of the tree but as usual the fire guys did the trick and got him down.

We were able to get the ladder up there and I made my way up and I was able to grab the dog’s leash right away, which was actually tangled up on a limb.

The cat then got down without help to tease the dog once more. When the firefighters got Thurston’s call they weren’t sure if she was serious.

Dog rescued from tree. Photo: Lathrop Manteca Fire District firefighter.

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