Picture of a fat Sphynx cat

These pictures of a fat Sphynx cat are perturbing or disturbing or perhaps you don’t agree with me. The combination of obesity and hairlessness creates a very strange, surreal image. They are on the my_nakedbeauties_2002 Instagram webpage. I don’t have much more to say really. I just don’t think this is correct. Germans would agree with me as they’d rate the Sphynx as the product of ‘torture breeding’. They are banned in Germany as I understaand it. Please correct me if I have that wrong.

The first picture almost looks rude to me. It is as if the obese Sphynx cat is doing something slightly perverted with himself or the other cat but he is not. It is just an impression or is it just me! 🙂 The second photo is quite charming in its own bizarre way as the extent of the obesity is laid bare (excuse the pun).

Fat Sphynx cat
Fat Sphynx cat in a most unappealing stance looking really weird.
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Fat Sphynx cat
Fat Sphynx cat. I think this is the same cat. I suppose it has to be because this cat must be unique.

The big cat is called Amsterdam and he is six years old. His human companion is Jana Martinka who lives in Vienna, Austria. He is sitting upright because there is a infrared heater at his back.


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