Picture of a Maine Coon who looks like a middle-aged man

I am exposing my prejudices or biases in this short post. I think this gloroious Maine Coon resembles a middle-aged man from the developed world. It must be an example of projecting my emotions onto a cat which is not unheard of. Although this is one of those rare anthropomorphized Maine Coon’s which we see more often nowadays.

Picture of a Maine Coon who looks like a middle-aged man
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Picture of a Maine Coon who looks like a middle-aged man. Picture: Reddit via Pinterest and therefore in my opinion it is now in the public domain.

I don’t know anything about the pedigree of this cat. I would be fairly sure though that this interesting, tabby Maine Coon comes from Russia. The exaggerated whiskers and lynx-tipped ears combined with a strong muzzle and the “ear-furnishings” to use cat fanciers’ language all point to a Russian breeder of this popular cat breed. And of course there’s that slightly human appearance which is why I have alluded to this cat looking like a middle-aged human. The slightly annoyed face also fits in well with this anthropomorphized image that I have.


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