Picture of a man expressing rage by holding a gun to his cat’s head

A man posted a picture of his cat on Facebook. He is holding his cat aggressively by the scruff of her neck while simultaneously holding a gun to the cat’s head. It has been reposted on the r/rage section of Reddit.com. This is a section where people express their rage for whatever reason. It has almost half a million members. We are encouraged to believe that there are a lot of angry people. The interesting and disturbing aspect of this photograph, the background of which I have blurred slightly to make them stand out, is that this person wanted to express his rage in this way.

Important note: I am not publishing the picture here or on Facebook gratuitously for fun but to discuss and criticise it and the person in the image. This is the kind of person who harms animals and cats. In the interest of protecting cats, society needs to do something about these people. We need to tackle their mentality and remove this anger at society which is expressed against innocent animals.

Picture of a man holding his cat by the scruff of the neck and pointing a gun at their head
Picture of a man holding his cat by the scruff of the neck and pointing a gun at their head. Image: Facebook and Reddit.
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I can see a connection between this photograph and cat abuse and killings which take place randomly in many countries including America where there are more guns per capita than anywhere else in the world. In America there are 120 guns for every 100 citizens which is twice the next location in the list which happens to be the Falkland Islands.

For me, this picture is what you might see before a person goes out and shoots a cat. The stray and feral cat’s lifestyle is almost uniquely suited to them becoming a target for a person, normally a young man, against which they can express their anger or rage.

The stray, feral and even domestic cat is often in public places, habituated normally to people and therefore often in close proximity to people which allows them to be simply picked up or shot at with a handgun or a .22 calibre rifle which appears to be a favourite. Another favourite is a BB gun or an airgun in the UK.

But the point I want to make is made already. I don’t want to waffle. This is an unpleasant photograph, and it isn’t only the gun pointed at the cat’s head, it is the aggressive way in which the man holds his cat by the scruff of the neck. This was probably painful because this adult cat appears to be hanging without any support.

One commenter on the Reddit.com website thought it was okay to restrain a cat like this, but it simply isn’t if they are held off the ground. You might restrain your cat if they are already supported by grasping the scruff of their neck but that’s different.

Here is one comment:

“I saw this a while ago and I still don’t see what’s so horrible about it. He’s just making a picture, not actually killing his cat ffs. I mean he doesn’t have proper trigger discipline but that’s about it.”

I agree that he is not killing the cat, but it is the kind of cat picture which devalues the cat which in turn makes it easier for cat haters to harm them. And these kinds of images encourage cat abuse in my opinion. They encourage an improper relationship between cat and human who is meant to be their caregiver.

P.S. I have assumed that the cat belongs to this man. That might be incorrect.

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  1. Had this man actually shot the cat the bullet would have passed thru the cat and into his hand more than likely. It also would have tore off his ring and pinky finger. I agree violent images like this encourages others. While people can post about rage I do not think they should be allowed to post pictures of abuse to humans and animals.


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