Picture of a Persian cat looking a bit like a polar bear

I’m just having a bit of fun. And the website is about pictures of cats although many years ago that objective changed and the site is now about animal welfare essentially. This is an unusual photograph of a Persian cat. I guess we don’t see them jumping around quite so vigorously normally. The reason why is because the man is playing with his cat using a cat tease, a feather on a stick. Persian cats are said to be decorative and inactive which is entirely wrong because they can be just like any other cat when you tweak what motivates them, which is to chase prey.

Picture of a jumping Persian looking like a bear

Picture of a jumping Persian looking like a bear. Montage: MikeB from images in the public domain.

Postscript: it may interest somebody to know that the reason why this site’s URL is “pictures-of-cats” is because when the site was started about 14 years ago the most commonly used search term in Google was, guess what, “pictures of cats”. Everybody was looking for pictures of cats and people still look for them. That’s why the site rapidly became the world’s number one cat site within two years. The site is still in the top three in my view in the world in terms of views but more importantly in terms of its quality. And I know I’m boasting but I do make comparisons between my site and others and I reckon this site is the best quality.


The more extreme flat-faced cat has an abnormally dome-shaped skull compared to both the Domestic Shorthair plus other severe problems of size and shape causing a severe health issues

Extreme flat-faced Persian cats are like humans suffering from coronal craniosynostosis

Extreme flat-face Persian cats are, according to a research paper carried out in 2017 by German scientists, equivalent to children ...
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Kate Beckinsale and Clive her flat-faced Persian one of 2 that she lives with

How many cats does Kate Beckinsale have?

Kate Beckinsale has two cats at the date of this post, both flat-faced Persians. I believe that one is a ...
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Picture of a concave-faced Persian cat

Picture of a concave-faced Persian cat

This is a picture of a concave-faced Persian cat. I have juxtaposed the picture against one of a standard, traditional ...
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Punch face Persian

Contradictory CFA Persian breed standard still demands an unhealthy cat

Some time ago the CFA Persian breed standard described this breed as having a "pansy-like" face. I don't see it ...
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Helmi Flick's photo at her home studio of SC Surreal's Trick or Treat "Fruit Loops", an 8 month old Tortie Smoke Persian Female from Leesa and Mike Altschul! The picture is protected by copyright please note.

Picture of Flat-Faced Tortie Smoke Persian Female Cat

This is a classic Helmi Flick studio photograph of SC Surreal's Trick of Treat 'Fruit Loops'. She was 8-months-of-age at ...
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Virgin Australia bans flat faced Persians

Flat-faced Persians banned from flying with Virgin Australia

The airline company Virgin Australia has banned flat-faced cats (and dogs) due to a spike in 'issues across the industry' ...
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Rapaport complains about the removal of his famous cat video

Rapaport complains bitterly about the removal of his famous cat video

Instagram have removed Michael Rapaport's video commentary on Wilfred the inbred Persian and he is livid. Wilfred has taken the ...
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1938 Persian cat

1930s Persian cat compared with 2000 variant (picture)

The difference that 80 or more years of selective breeding makes to the Persian cat can be seen in the ...
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