Picture of a Pet Brooder 90 with a ginger tabby cat inside

This is an interesting and well-captured picture of a ginger tabby cat inside a piece of veterinary equipment called a Pet Brooder 90. The device could also be usefully employed outside of a veterinary surgery under different circumstances. As I understand it, the word “brooder” is applicable because the device is designed to improve the survival of puppies and kittens after birth. The word ‘brood’ means a family of birds or other young animals produced at one hatching or birth. The price in Amazon.com is $1,981.16 at the time of writing this.

Pet Brooder 90 with ginger tabby cat post-op inside
Pet Brooder 90 with ginger tabby cat post-op inside. Photo: Petlantis.net
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The interior of the unit can be regulated in terms of temperature and humidity. It allows for a precise control of the environment in which the animals are cared for when they are vulnerable.

Cats and dogs and other small animals are also vulnerable after an operation and this unit is used to care for them to aid in recovery. The unit has features to maximise hygiene as well such as a built-in antibiotic/deodorising air filter and a humidification system designed to eliminate germs. The bottom tray is very easy to clean. It acts as an intensive care unit (ICU).

The Pet Brooder 90 is also useful to keep baby birds warm and protected until they can maintain their own body heat at about six weeks of age.

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I don’t know if cat breeders occasionally use this device. My search produced zero results on that and therefore I suspect that it is not used by purebred cat breeders. Although, that said, it is used by dog breeders worldwide. It seems that they regarded it as one of the best intensive care units on the market.

It is said that it is a great option for people who frequently care for kittens from 0-3 weeks old. I’m sure that some cat rescue organisations and perhaps some cat foster carers have invested in this device or something similar. It appears to be ideal for caring for neonatal kittens.

The video below provides some details about its functions and features. The picture near the top of the page comes from the Instagram page of a Turkish veterinarian: petlantis.net. Intriguingly on that Instagram page they have a grey four-eared cat who seems to be either the clinic’s pet cat or the veterinarian’s cat companion.

The full title of the device on Amazon is: Rcom A&I Curadle Critter Pet Brooder MX B 90 N Plus Bonus Reservoir [with] 2 yr. Warranty

Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

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