Picture of a Peterbald cat biting the loose skin of a sibling in play

This is an image that I’ve created from a short video on Instagram. It shows what appears to be two Peterbald near-hairless siblings playing during which one of them fairly gently bites the other on that loose bit of skin behind the neck. It re-ignites the question about whether hairless cats have far more loose skin and therefore wrinkly skin than conventional domestic cats. They do it seems to me.

Peterbald bites Peterbald sibling on neck in play
Peterbald bites Peterbald sibling on neck in play. Photo: Светлана Лютова who is also the breeder.
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There is substantially more loose skin on hairless cats but why? I speculated the reason why on another page which you can access by clicking here.

Peterbalds can vary in the amount of fur that covers their bodies. This breeder breeds Peterbalds which is why I believe they are cats of this breed. They could also be Don Sphynx or Sphynx cats as they have the same of very similar appearance to Peterbalds when the Peterbald has very sparse hair. The facial features and body conformation are similar to me. I’d expect a cat fancy aficionado to notice the difference.

Держи меня крепче, чтоб я не упала с этой черновой беговой дорожки !😂

Posted by Светлана Лютова on Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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