Peterbald bites Peterbald sibling on neck in play

Peterbald bites Peterbald sibling on neck in play. Photo: Светлана Лютова who is also the breeder.

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Please click the link above the photo for a video and more.

The image begs some questions for me. Firstly about the amount of loose skin on hairless or near-hairless cat breeds. Why is this? Is it true? I believe that it is. The Internet does not provide me with answers which is why I decided to try and answer the question myself in a previous article. I believe that it is probably to do with the genetic mutation which causes these cats to be hairless or near-hairless. I speculated that the elasticity of the epidermis and dermis have been affected by this genetic mutation which appears to stop the hair follicles functioning in producing hair strands.

This sibling has a fascination with nibbling his sibling’s skin. He does it quite gently. I believe that this is play which is drifting into something more aggressive but the other cat accepts it all in good humour.