Picture of a Sphynx cat hybrid (half hairless cat)

This is a picture of a Sphynx cat hybrid by which I mean a hairless cat crossed with a normal domestic cat, probably a random bred cat. The cat lives in Russia. I believe the cat is a rescue cat.

The interesting thing is that the cat’s body is half covered with fur and half not. It’s as if in being a hairless cat hybrid nature has decided that the cat’s appearance should reflect that state exactly: half the body should have a coat while the other half should be hairless.

Another interesting aspect is that the cat’s fur looks somewhat like the fur of a Rex cat. These are cats with a curly coat. There is almost certainly a genetic connection between hairless cats, Rex type cats and this cat’s coat. The gene that creates the hairless coat is a variant of the gene that creates the Devon Rex coat.

The cat’s face is the face of a Sphynx cat. They frequently have this slightly severe frowning appearance and you can see that in this cat. Her name, by the way, is Simina. She is said to have a slightly fractious personality. However, I don’t think this is significant. Perhaps her upbringing caused this. Sphynx cats are considered intelligent. This may have a bearing on the personality.


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3 thoughts on “Picture of a Sphynx cat hybrid (half hairless cat)”

  1. Wow. I have never seen a Sphynx cat hybrid. I wonder if she has any unusual health problems resulting from the cross breeding.????

    1. Hi Frances. Except for the weird coat, this cat is probably healthier than the purebred Sphynx because of what they call ‘hybrid vigor’ – introducing new genes.

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