Picture of a stairway to heaven with a 4-cat guard of honour

The idea for the title comes from the photographer who posted on reddit.com: u/marysa-xo. It seems that her name is Mary. It is a really nice photograph. She called it: Is this what the stairway to heaven looks like? ?. I had to add the word ‘cat’ to make sure Google finds the page. I feel that if this is a post-death vision of the route to heaven, the cats line it (or get in the way) as a guard of honour in the same way sporting teams do when congratulating the opposing winning side as they leave the playing field. The cat in the foreground has a mournful expression as if seeing their deceased owner struggle to ascend the stairs to heaven. This is the pet equivalent to crossing the rainbow bridge. I see this as a stairway to heaven for a cat loving person not a cat.

Picture of a stairway to heaven with a 4-cat guard of honour
Picture of a stairway to heaven with a 4-cat guard of honour
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Wouldn’t it be great if there was something on the other side? To see our deceased cats again? I’d love to see them again. It would bring me immense pleasure. This tells me that I miss them a lot even after 20 or more years. Sometimes when a cat companion dies a bit of their human guardian dies with them. You never get it back until you see them again ‘on the other side’ (if it exists).

I don’t believe it exists but a lot do. They need to believe. Without this belief life can seem meaningless. I believe that on death there is nothing. I can accept it. But it does no stop me hoping that there is something and that I could see my little darlings again, to cuddle and talk to them, to play and smile. If this does happen, I hope my stairway to heaven has a guard of honour like the one we see in the photograph.


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