Picture of an Exotic Shorthair kitten

This is a delightful, tiny Exotic Shorthair kitten bred and photographed by Лариса Иванова who lives in Kharkov, Ukraine. The photo has a nice quality. The kitten looks to be of a nice quality too.

Super cute tiny Exotic Shorthair
Super cute tiny Exotic Shorthair. Photo: Лариса Иванова (Ukraine).
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This is a tabby coat but it is not a typical tabby. It looks Abyssinian-like (ticked tabby). There are no patterns other than the M mark on the forehead. The Exotic is becoming more popular. Perhaps it is that the Persian cat is as popular as ever but people are more aware of the health issues and have gone for the shorthaired variant. I don’t know. I am seeing more Exotic Shorthairs than usual on the internet. And Lil Bub was an Exotic Shorthair but poorly bred causing an undershot jaw and a permanently extended tongue.

But as far as I know the Exotic SH has the same health issues as the Persian and I am also seeing some Exotics with misaligned jaws and droopy eyes. These cats can have eye problems as they are too bulbous.


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