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This is a picture of an angry cat but is he genuinely angry or does his expression deceive us? Does he feel angry? Sometimes a cat’s expression is far from the cat’s feelings. When a domestic cat does the Flehmen response (using Jacobson’s organ in the roof of the mouth) it gives us the impression that the cat is sneering. A lot of people accuse the domestic cat for sneering because of this. If only they knew.

Grumpy cat looks grumpy but she is not. These are two examples. Ginger tabbies are individuals but the general consensus is that they have nice characters. A lot of cat owners favour red tabbies.

I think he is pissed off because he is being photographed. Cats don’t like it generally. The expression comes from the cat’s eyes. They are ‘hooded’ slightly and it seems that he is frowning but he isn’t. And he is looking intently which adds to the impression. Do you think he is angry? He could be. If so it adds to the belief that cats have distinct expressions reflecting their feelings of e.g. contentment, depression, anger and delight.

Ginger Cat Personality

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  1. Yes of course cats have facial expressions similar to ours, just not as pronounced. The only hesitation for anyone to say so would be A.) they are not adequately familiar with cats and 2.) … don’t be stupid! Nah just kidding; the fear of being labeled an anthropomorphizer.

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