Picture of badly bred Exotic Shorthair cat

It is instructional to remind ourselves what a badly bred purebred cat looks like. Here we have an Exotic Shorthair, the shorthaired version of the Persian. The facial anatomy has been distorted by poor selective breeding. The eyes bulge and appear to point in different directions. It is almost as if the eyes are falling out of their sockets. Sometimes people try and turn these sorts deformed cats into money earning celebrities. It is not good.

The correct version of this breed is shown in the smaller image.

Badly bred Exotic Shorthair
Badly bred Exotic Shorthair. The photo of the correct version is by Chanan. The main picture is in the public domain in my opinion.
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I have seen a lot a Persian cats with eyes like these. It is horrible to see. Avoid breeders who create monsters like this poor cat. I feel sorry for the cat. I feel anger and dismay towards the breeder.

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