Picture of beautiful ‘blue’ rescue cat

This picture of a beautiful blue rescue cat reminds us that you can find some wonderfully attractive cats at rescue centers. Not that we should be focusing on appearance but if you are, and a lot of people are, then do not discount rescue organizations. Side note: all domestic cats are beautiful.

Picture of beautiful 'blue' rescue cat
Picture of a very attractive ‘blue’ rescue cat
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I love this cat’s statuesque appearance. I love her green eyes and her expression. She has a beautifully elegant shape. She looks proud, dignified and alert.

Her appearance tells me right away that she is female. I believe that you can tell the gender of a domestic cat from their facial appearance. It is not always that clear but the genders are distinguishable.

Sometimes you can bump into a purebred, pedigree cat at a rescue center. I don’t know whether this female grey cat is purebred or not. Her beautiful appearance indicates that she might be. However, a domestic cat does not need to be purebred to be beautiful. In fact, often times, breeders over breed to extreme which makes the cat less beautiful or quite frankly ugly.

If she is a purebred cat (I should say “was” because she has died apparently) then it would be a Russian Blue. The Russian blue has a fairly normal body conformation which this cat has.

This beautiful was named P-nut by her owner. Sorry but that’s not a great name for such a fine looking feline. What about ‘Ash’ or ‘Pearl’.

Pop down to your cat rescue shelter if you want to adopt a cat. A cat shelter should be the first port of call for adopters. You never know what you’ll find but you always know that you are doing something good which will help create a close bond between yourself and your cat.

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