Picture of a very attractive ‘blue’ rescue cat

Picture of beautiful 'blue' rescue cat

I don’t think I’ve seen a more elegant rescue cat. She looks female and she is female. She is statuesque in appearance. She looks alert and dignified. She is testament to the fact that you can find beautiful rescue cats if you are interested in adopting a cat who is beautiful looking.

I’m not sure that we should be overly concerned with the appearance of domestic cat companions. It is usually better to focus on character. Character is far more enduring and forms the bedrock of the relationship between cat and person.

Appearance is something which sticks in the mind for a while and then become secondary to the relationship. In fact an ugly cat can be beautiful or an average looking cat can look beautiful if his character is beautiful.

It’s a better attitude to take: adopt a cat with a great character and make sure it’s from a cat shelter rather than from a breeder.

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