Picture of black cat nestled into the world’s longest beard (1904)

This is slightly (or greatly) bizarre photograph which has been on the internet for a while but which has eluded me until now.

Louis Coulon
Louis Coulon. Picture in public domain.
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It’s of Louis Coulon who from an early age (12) realised that he had very fast growing facial hair which dictated, as I see it, that he ended up with a beard which developed into one at 3 meters and 30 centimeters in length. At the time, 1904, it was the world’s longest, I believe, but before the era of the Guinness World Records. He started shaving at 12-years-of-age.

Louis was born in the middle of France in Vandenesse (Niève). If you want to see a map please click on this link.

Like any other curious individual I am wondering what the hell is a black cat doing in his beard? In another photo there are birds in this famous beard. I think the idea was to highlight or emphasis the beard’s length by implying that creatures could live their lives in it. Something like that.

The photos is an historical curiosity and falls into this sites category: pictures of cats. Right on point then.

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