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Picture of black Sphynx ‘alien’ kitten and false pink nails

THIS IS AN OPINION ARTICLE. IT IS NEITHER RIGHT NOR WRONG: The power of human over animal is emphasised in this picture. The human is god and the cat is a possessed object. The two components of the photograph – the designer cat and the false pink nails – go together beautifully and sum up what is wrong with cat breeding and what can be wrong with cat ownership.

Sphynx baby and long pink false nails. Photo: Stellar Sphynx

The components of the photo make a good picture though. It is the contrast between the colours which are juxtaposed against the similarities in unnaturalness.

The kitten is a black Sphynx in my opinion. If he/she had been born with hair she’d be a black cat. She has the appearance of a classic Roswell alien from the well known films. The nails are false it seems to me; stuck on from the middle of the existing natural nail.

There is this inherent unnaturalness both in the cat and the woman’s nails (long and squared-off). They go together. They are a perfect match. They sum up the desire to possess an unusual and relatively rare ‘object’ in this case a designer domestic cat. This desire is epitomised in the relationship between Taylor Swift and her Scottish Fold cats.

It is the objectification of domestic cats as desirable ‘products’ to be ‘owned’ as a status symbol. Women who like false nails like the ones we see in the photo will like a fancy cat like a black Sphynx.

The colours contrast nicely. Pink goes well with black or charcoal grey. Pink on black is good. Then there is way the Sphynx kitten is held in the hand looking up like a mini-alien from another planet. The bulbous eyes and ears flopping forward. The toes looking like distorted fingers.

The photograph is a product of the folly of humans and an incorrect relationship between human and animals. As I said, these are personal views. If yours are diametrically opposed please criticise me in a comment. I might upset Stellar Sphynx the breeder and if so I apologise.

Roswell alien. Photo: Getty Images.


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