Picture of calico cat curled up in square hole in a footpath

The desire of the domestic or feral cat to feel the firm pressure on his/her back of the sides of a box (which we have seen lots of on the internet) is demonstrated here in an entirely novel way. Cats like boxes, even stone and concrete ones, because it makes them feel secure.

Cat curls up in hole in pavement and looks content but at the same time vulnerable.

Cat curls up in hole in pavement and looks content but at the same time vulnerable.

It makes for an arresting image. I have never seen a cat do this before. It looks hazardous for the cat. You’d think the cat would feel vulnerable below the surface but apparently not. There is a supermarket trolley on the road which indicates that this is a supermarket parking lot (car park).

Maybe the cat is a store cat; semi-feral. Who knows? It could be true because the cat gives me the impression that she is very used to strange people around.

It looks odd and anyone looking at this situation would be concerned for the welfare of the cat. I wonder how long she stayed there. It’s just too dangerous as far as I concerned.

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