Picture of caracal being killed by a leopard

This is a picture of a caracal being killed by a leopard. I have no details but it would have happened in Africa because the caracal lives there and the larger cat has to be a common leopard as this species live in Africa as well.

The caracal is a medium-sized, very athletic wild cat species and the leopard is well known as a top predator being one of the big cats just one level below the puma and the fifth largest cat (after the tiger, lion, jaguar and puma).

Caracal killed by leopard
Photo: Pinterest. Pinterest steals photos and breaches copyright with impunity so I am copying them.
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The picture proves that there is no unwritten rule between the wild cats that one does not eat another. All’s fair in survival. The caracal is one of those wild cats who can, to a certain extent, be tamed and even domesticated. They were used by potentates1 in the past as a hunting companion in the same way that cheetahs were also used.

1. Potentate: a monarch or ruler, especially an autocratic one.

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