Picture of cat and dying woman saying their goodbyes

Uhm…this is a very powerful and poignant picture of a dying woman hugging her cat Oliver one last time to say goodbye while Oliver buries his head in her arm. It is very sad and moving. You can sense the deep affection they have for each other. Perhaps there is some good in it: a lot of elderly people don’t get the chance to say goodbye at the end of their life. They have to go into a home and their cat goes to a rescue center for rehoming.

Dying elderly woman says goodbye to her cat Oliver
Dying elderly woman says goodbye to her cat Oliver who buries his head into her arm. Source: Imgur (reddit.com)
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I think this is a rare photo because we are used to seeing and reading about the end of the life of a domestic cat and the emotional distress it causes to the cat’s owner. In this instance the owner is dying. I’d like to know how Oliver feels. I wonder if he is aware of the end of life moments of his human caretaker.


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5 thoughts on “Picture of cat and dying woman saying their goodbyes”

  1. I just hope I can outlive my beloved companions. When I say goodbye to the last one, then I will go gladly to rejoin all of my babies.

  2. I believe that Oliver will have picked up on the little changes in human body language, tone of voice, bodily sounds such as heartbeat, pulse, digestion, not forgetting changes in smell. Oliver will have known that his human was dying.

  3. That is a wonderful idea for both the human and the animal. They need to know what happened to their owner. I wish we had taken our dog to the funeral home to see her Papaw after he died. She grieved for him until she passed, about 6 years later.

    • Yes, I love the photo and the thoughts of this lady. Although it is obviously very sad to see. Everything comes to an end.


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