Picture of cat popping his head out of a roadside drain

Picture of cat popping head out of roadside drain
Picture of cat popping head out of roadside drain
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This is a strange cat photograph which asks questions of the viewer. If you look, you can see a car in the background. My guess is that a woman was driving that car. She saw the cat’s head poking out of the drain on the side of the road (I am presuming that it is a curbside drain) and pulled over. Being a decent person she stopped to investigate and rescue the cat. Before she did so she took the photograph.


If it is genuine, why take the photograph? Because today our lives are dominated by Facebook and Instagram where good photos attract attention. You get those all important hits and likes and the general internet surfing public are on a quest for LIKES. Yikes…

I don’t have any hard information about the cat or the photo so I’ve had to guess. It’s a nice one though, albeit a bit disturbing. I hope he was rescued and is now happy in a nice, warm and caring home.

The road is very quiet; so my guess is that the photo was not taken in the West.

The picture source is Pinterest. The original source is unknown.

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