Picture of cat who tried to “steal” supermarket cat food

This is an unusual picture of a cat in a supermarket who tried to “steal” dry cat food from the shelves. Apparently the cat knew where the cat food was. He sauntered up to it and knocked it off the shelf with the intention of opening the box.

Picture of cat who tried to "steal" supermarket cat food
Picture of cat who tried to “steal” supermarket cat food. Photo: Newsteam/SWNS.
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Having failed to open the box he ended up sleeping next to it as you can see in the photograph. I wonder if he was waiting for an employee to assist him in getting into that damned box.

It happened in a supermarket in Rugby, UK at 9 am. The woman who took the photograph, Melanie Morris-Jones, said that she was surprised to see the cat chilling out by the box of cat food.

Melanie just popped into Tesco to get a drink and some food before going to work. She came across this cheeky feline lying next to the box of cat food. It’s something that you don’t come across that often in a supermarket!

She spoke to the cashier about it who told that the cat is a regular visitor. Melanie is surprised that her photograph became viral but I can see why.

I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody at the supermarket has been kind in feeding him from time to time. He’s got the habit and he knows where the food is. It would be nice to think that he was rewarded for his efforts.

He’s probably someone’s pet. He might live across the road or nearby. He is an outdoor cat so my guess is that he wanders into the supermarket where he is welcome.

Story: Rugby Advertiser.

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