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Picture of cats in mesh bags ready to be drowned? — 14 Comments

  1. just why the human race has to be so arrogant dealing with animals I love all animals and I would do anything to help weather its a cat, dog, or any other.. Does these people even know that we are animals but we are suppose to be the ones with the brains. Just makes me wonder at times. This is why I love staying away from most humans. MOst of them have no decency or common sense.

    • Thanks Darcy. Yes, I have times when I prefer four legs to two. We should be careful not to tar the human race with same brush because there are some good animal loving people around – millions of them.

  2. I wish there was a way to impress upon arrogant, insensitive or just plain ignorant subhumans how morally wrong these practices are. My heart screams just looking at these photographs. Something needs to happen on a massive scale to enlighten those who cause or participate in animal suffering. I literally feel sick just thinking about animal cruelty like this.😭😵😠☯️

    • My heart screams too. It shows how far we as humans have still to go in the 21st century to call ourselves civilised. Sometimes we are barbaric. There is something wrong with the human race.

  3. I find them repulsive and needy and just gross in general and yet I would not and have not on many occasions rescued and seen to it that they were taken care of because it is the moral human thing to do.

    That should have read I would not and have not walked away from rescuing. Excuse me for the double message there. I find computer jockeys like this one quite annoying.

  4. I have no control over the horrors of animal abuse in other countries. We have enough cat hating self indulgent pet murdering fiends in the US and probably the UK as well.
    Any country that allows this to go on is a backward third world cesspool. You can’t let this go on shrug your shoulders and say it’s tradition. Even more disturbing than those pictures and it’s hard to look at is the growing attitude that cat hate is acceptable and according to some natural.
    Catching an episode of The People’s Court yesterday on TV Harvey Levin was asking people on the street when it became weird by how many cats someone owned. So anyone with more than 5 seemed to be the general consensus that you were nutty. Granted the defendants in the case who had 12 shouldn’t have been allowed a chia pet but the real shocker was watching an open advocate for dog adoption bash on cats.

    • In an effort to find new sources, I picked this image up on an Albanian website. The picture was taken in Vietman I believe. I agree that there appears to be a slow increase in cat hating in America and perhaps the UK too. This is might be due to an increased sensitivity towards the environment being destroyed by people and increased cat population. Australia as you know is leading the way on cat ownership restrictions and cat bashing.

      • I’m for all pet owners no matter their choice being responsible. I’m also a big fan of real science not hate pieces on cats disguised as actual research.

  5. The very same thing happens all over the USA in every rural area in every state. But they’re not for eating (not by humans anyway). They’re just drowned this way to keep populations in check in rural areas. It is also not uncommon to find a brown paper bag alongside the road full of newborn kittens, left there to feed the local foxes, coyotes, and other predators. The paper bag is something that is easy for native predators to tear into. The kittens crying at night lets the native wildlife predators know where their next tasty treat is at. I found many paper bags full of newborn kittens alongside roads when I used to go mountain-biking in rural areas. I’d leave them there, as nature (and the original owners of those kittens) had intended. Wildlife needs to eat too!

    You sure don’t get out much into the real world, do you. Whatta crybaby.

    • It is you who is pathetic. Pathetically stunted mental growth. The mind of a child. Sad really. The fact that you guys kill domestic and feral cats in this cruel way means (1) you’re cruel (2) your police force is shit (3) you’re immoral (4) you have a part of your brain missing, that part that deals with compassion and decency. Oh and finally FO. You’re banned.

    • Crybabies are Pathetic. You are pathetic. I remember how much respect I lost for my own grandfather when he was drowning kittens in the early 60s. I was 5 and knew it was wrong.
      I will explain the difference between a box or bag of new born kittens or puppies. There will be a major stink about the puppies and the kittens will simply be left. If they do make it to a shelter the kittens will be euthanized while the shelter will spend in the thousands saving the puppies and making a stink on the news and social media.
      I’m too old to dance around this anymore I thoroughly dislike dogs. All dogs. I find them repulsive and needy and just gross in general and yet I would not and have not on many occasions rescued and seen to it that they were taken care of because it is the moral human thing to do. My dislike of something is not an excuse to allow needless suffering and turn my head when many dog lovers have walked away.
      Cats and Dogs are domestic pets and they breed at will because humans like you still act like you’re living in the 18th century. If you can turn your head to needless suffering you are yourself non-human.

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