Picture of dilute tortoiseshell cat with fierce human expression and broken ears

This is a photograph of a cat which caught my eye. When a cat picture catches my eye I like to publish it on my website. I have no information about her. She looks female which figures because she’s a dilute tortoiseshell.

Dilute tortoiseshell cat with wild face and broken ears

Dilute tortoiseshell cat with wild face and broken ears. I don’t know the source of the photo.

Startling & Startled Appearance

What caught my eye is her eyes which are wild and wide open and her broken ears. Also her stance is very stressed and her face is fierce. The face looks human. This cat is tense and under pressure. She is alert and fighting for survival. It is very likely that she is a stray or feral cat because her ears are so badly damaged. She looks lean but not starving. In fact she looks reasonably healthy.

Scary strange cat creatures found behind cupboard

She is on someone’s car. Men don’t like stray cats tramping all over their cars! What can I say? It depends on the man. Some are obsessive about their car. They think cats scratch the paintwork. They rarely do.

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Picture of dilute tortoiseshell cat with fierce human expression and broken ears — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with you there Cornish, I’d wonder if she might have a bit of a thyroid issue going on, there is something about that stare, along with the emaciated state she is in.

    Cats living the feral life can look really well or really rough and actually be well despite looking not so great.

    Aaah! The enigma of ferals and strays!

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