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Picture of dog with kitten in mouth makes you look

Ukraine: This photograph caught my eye. My first thought was that the dog was biting down on the tabby kitten but I quickly realised that the dog’s mouth was open and the kitten was passively resting inside it. The dog had just saved his feline friend from a house fire caused by a massive explosion in a nearby facility owned by a defence industry business.

Dog with kitten in mouth. He’d just rescued his feline friend from a fire. Photo in public domain.

It is reported that the owner of the cat and dog ran out of their home but their dog turned around and went back into the flaming residence to rescue his friend.

The actions of the dog does not surprise me. large, affable dogs often love kittens and forge great friendships with them. It is one of life’s pleasures to see tiny kittens warming themselves against their dog protectors. Also dogs are very good at rescue.

Without wishing to be critical, and on the basis that the report is accurate, it begs the question as to why the owner of these two pets did not go into his home themselves. The dogs actions were more laudable and courageous than those of the human. That doesn’t surprise me either.


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