Picture of feral cat survivors of 6-foot Dorian storm surge on Ocracoke Island, NC

This picture by Mickey Baker of the non-profit OCRACATS is good news for all those who care about feral cats. Mickey writes on Facebook:

“For all those interested in OCRACATS I have this colony here in my yard who survived the 5-6 foot surge. If they did then we can assume a vast majority of OCRACATS did too?…”

Picture of feral cats after storm surge of water on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina inspires
Picture of feral cats after storm surge of water on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. Photo: Mickey Baker
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OCRACATS operate on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina which was badly affected badly by Hurricane Dorian as is swept up the coast of North Carolina. It had petered out to a certain extent but it was still capable of causing a 5-6 surge of water which flooded the island.

It shows the resilience of feral cats. I don’t know how they survived a 5-6 foot bank of water washing over this thin sliver of land off the North Carolina coast but they did. Perhaps they got to high ground.

“Oh my gosh they’ve been on my mind too through all of this! Thank you so much for posting this image of strong survival ❤️” – Kathryn Ellis

They are back for food and this seems to be a family of siblings and perhaps a parent as they are all seem to solid orange-and-whites. OCRACATS operate TNR on the island. They have a Facebook page.

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