Picture of firefighters giving oxygen to cat rescued from house fire is a classic

This is another classic cat rescue photograph from the public services sector, this time from the firefighters of Longview, Washington, USA. Longview is on the banks of the Columbia River which is the border between the states of Oregon and Washington. This is why the story has been reported in The Oregonian online.

Classi picture of firefighters administering oxygen to cat rescued from house fire
Classic picture of firefighters administering oxygen to cat rescued from house fire. Photo: Longview Police and Fire in Washington state, USA.
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The picture is by the Longview Police and Fire Department. Technically the photograph is excellent. The composition is great as is the exposure and framing. You have to be impressed by the camera! Modern cameras built into smartphones are fabulous.

But I being unkind because the photographer did a really nice job too. It is probably the best photo of a cat rescued fromm a fire that I have seen.

It was a kitchen blaze and four cats were saved. The firefighters had to hunt for the four cats while the dogs trotted out of the house. All four cats were badly injured by smoke inhalation. They were ‘aggressively resuscitated’ with oxygen.

The cats were handed to animal control for further treatment. They are expected to survive. Let’s hope they all make full recoveries.

Whereas dogs get out of fire situations, cats often hide in the burning home and are then are forced to inhale dense fumes which kills them.

I wonder if something can be done about this to save future lives. Domestic cats often die in house fires. Their owners often get out safely.

Some firefighting departments in the US have oxygen resuscitation equipment designed and engineered for cats and dogs to enhance the survival rates. To me it looks like Longview Fire Department have these customised resuscitation masks.


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