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Scottish Fold

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Here is a picture of fleas in a jar to show what cat fleas look like. It’s might seem a bit odd showing this on a cat website but cat fleas are the most common parasite on the cat’s skin. We should all be vigilant in checking for them and recognizing them.

This cat flea photograph was taken by the veterinarians or their associates at the Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic. This photo has been used with permission for teaching/educational purposes at www.pictures-of-cats.org (PoC). I want to thank Ryan G. Gates, DVM of the clinic for granting permission. If people want to use the picture please ask the clinic first. Note: I have cropped the picture to magnify the fleas so we can see them better. This page shows the original photograph.

The kitten concerned had been given a Capstar® pill and within 30 minutes the fleas dropped of the kitten and where placed in the jar.

Fleas have outer skeletons. Currently I am testing food grade diatomaceous earth on my cat which cuts the exoskeleton and dehydrates the fluids inside the flea, killing it. I am rubbing it in to the neck/shoulder area of my cat, which is the most common area for fleas.

So far I can report that the signs are that it is effective. He is scratching less. He has very few small fleas, which he picks up when he goes out for short periods but he hates fleas. Some cats are more tolerant. I use a flea comb on him daily, usually, and rarely I use Frontline, a chemical drop on the skin. I prefer natural cures.

I have a page on the flea life cycle and treatments. Insecticide sprays and dips etc. should be avoided in my opinion. I am not a veterinarian but insecticides are poisonous, nasty chemicals and if we have safer alternatives we should use them.

Please read the instructions and NEVER GIVE DOG FLEA TREATMENTS TO CATS. They can kill cats or injure them.

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