Picture of girl, 7, cuddling her dying cat is heartbreaking

This is a picture of Madison Waddell in Scotland cuddling her dying cat, Millie, wrapped in a towel. Thirty minutes later Millie was euthanised. She had been poisoned by antifreeze which damages the kidneys irretrievably.

Madison and Millie
Madison and Millie. Photo: Deadline News.
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Millie was a tortie. On the family’s return from a weekend holiday they found Millie unwell. Madison was best friends with Millie. The picture says it all.

Although many are rightly angry it is not clear if Millie was deliberately poisoned or whether it was accidental. It is likely to be deliberate because rarely is antifreeze left lying on the ground nowadays. Car engine cooling systems are sealed these days. There is no need to add anti-freeze.

Anti-freeze poisoning is probably the number one way cat haters kill cats in the UK. It is a crime of course but rarely if ever are the perpetrators caught because it is nearly impossible to get enough evidence. Perhaps a CCTV camera might help but it’s unlikely. You’d have to suspect a neighbor because domestic cats don’t wander that far from home usually.

Black vodka has been used to treat anti-freeze poisoning in cats. And it has worked. The vet tried to save Millie. I am not sure what treatment she/he tried.

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4 thoughts on “Picture of girl, 7, cuddling her dying cat is heartbreaking”

  1. Heartbreaking. My babies NEVER go out-even the ferals. They have adjusted to the indoors and when the weather is ok, they can sit at the screen doors and watch the world pass by. Since my place is totally fenced and the house sits back away from the road, only the birds or the wild critters that jump the fence do they see. They have adjusted to indoor life and seem to know it’s safer.

    • Mine is cat proofed too so although he has access to the garden he can’t roam anywhere else. This is for his safety and my sanity.


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