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Picture of glamour cat surrounded by smartphone photographers

This cat photograph reminds me of a rugger scrum of press paparazzi surrounding a human starlet of the 1960s. The difference is that the 35mm film cameras have been replaced by smartphones and the celebrity is a domestic cat. I believe the cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Paparazzi are independent photographers who take pictures of high-profile people (and cats 😉 ). A ‘rugger scrum’ occurs in the game of rugby when the forwards of the opposing teams bind together to restart the game after the referee has stopped it, often for an infringment. It describes a mass of people akin to paparazzi trying to get the best photograph.

The age of cat celebrity captured in this photo from Reddit.

The cat poses nicely and is tolerant of the paparazzi. It is the age of cat celebrity. Some celebrity cats can be prolific earners for their human guardians e.g. Grumpy cat who earned an alleged approximate $100m for her owner.


Man dressed as a cat (France) about 1920

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Picture of 12 domestic or feral cats in a tree

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Picture of a cute rescue kitten in a teacup

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Outstanding Moggy

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1956: world’s smallest man and his cat pictured

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Picture of cat with owner and birds in cage with cannabis plant in Paris circa 1910

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