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Picture of Hugh Laurie holding a grey cat

This is a picture of Hugh Laurie and his cat, I am told. I have to qualify the sentence with ‘I am told’ because at the moment I cannot confirm that the cat is his. Perhaps he just picked up a cat belonging to someone else? It does not look as if he is inside a residential home which would imply that this is not his cat. However, the website states that this is his cat. The cat looks very much like a pedigree, purebred Russian Blue. This is a fairly rare cat orginating in the north of Russia. Although they are bred in the USA and perhaps there are a few breeders in the UK.

Picture of Hugh Laurie and his cat. I don’t know who took the photo. Sorry.

Laurie is a well known English actor who made it big in the US playing Dr. Gregory House in House. He’s also fantastic in The Night Manager and before that in Blackadder. He is a very talented bloke. If this is his cat he likes cats which pleases me. However, he appears not to be very vocal in support of cat welfare. He could have been. For example he spent a lot of time in America on House. He could have helped the campaign against declawing although that might have been forbidden in his contract. I like to see celebrities who live with cats being vocal in support of cat welfare as there is a lot to do to improve the standards of cat ownerrship and to push back on cat abuse. Ricky Gervais has made it clear that he detests declawing and trophy hunting.

Is this the cat in House? “Here Kitty” is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of House.

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