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Picture of Jackson Galaxy and Barry, the rescue cat he loved. — 5 Comments

  1. We see everyday the harms that the misguided psychiatric profession have caused to traumatised individuals, destroying their minds with toxic psychiatric drugs which are frankly, unsafe at any dose. They ALL cause permanent changes in brain chemistry. There is no way of measuring the fictional “chemical imbalance” in any brain at all. Nations and their companion animals have been drugged into emotionless compliance based on hypothesis only, no real evidence exists that psychiatric drugs do any living being any good at all. I am serious about this.

    See works by Prof. Jo Moncrieff and Dr Bob Johnson, both ethical psychiatrists trying to get the message out about the harms these drugs cause. They promote true understanding of trauma, not the masking of it.

    In humans most of these drugs will cut off the mind’s access to the frontal lobe/neo cortex where our complex emotional responses dwell, in other species, these complex emotions are gradually being discovered as happening elsewhere in the brain.

    All the ssris and the snris have the same mode of action, they are handed out like sweets by GPs, without a thought. We are already seeing long term harms caused to humans by these drugs.

    Psychiatric drugs are a crude method of forcing compliance. Prozac Nation? Yes.

    No companion animal should be forced to endure such chemical bullying, by a hapless owner, clueless vet or indeed Jackson Galaxy.

    If he pushes psychiatric drug therapy as beneficial to cats, then he is no advocate for cats.

    The right question to ask is “what happened to you?” not, ” what is wrong with you? “

  2. Galaxy puts a different twist on cats. He challenges us to rethink what we have always held as true. I believe in some of his calming methods but disagree with any use of psychotropic meds that may mask what our cats really need which, most of the time, is our attention. I will never drug any cat for my convenience or because I can’t devote time to them.

    • Yes, I disagree with him on mood enhancing drugs and tranquillisers. It is far to dangerous because we don’t know what’s going on.

  3. Jackson Galaxy’s first cat was named Benny. Jackson’s literary journey began with his book “Cat Daddy,” written in honor of Benny. Barry was originally rescued and bottle-fed by Jackson’s wife, Minoo Rahbar, from a storm drain in Los Angeles. The Barry Fund was established “in his honor to help humans who can’t afford life-saving veterinary treatment for their beloved companion animals,” as quoted on Barry the Cats’s Facebook page. 💜💜🐾


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