Picture of Kung Fu Cat

This picture of a cat in what appears to be a defensively aggressive posture has been called the ‘Kung Fu Cat‘. It’s meant to be an amusing label. I know I am a grumpy old complaining man but I don’t find it amusing.

Picture of Kung Ku cat

What I see is a frightened cat taking up an very unusual stance and desperately defending himself. If I am correct in my assessment it can’t be amusing to make fun of this cat by adding a caption.

There are probably millions of pictures of Kung Fu cats all over the blasted internet, all of which have a LOL cats caption to make the picture amusing. Amusing to who? People who don’t understand and don’t care if they are looking at a scared cat.

Why don’t we ask why this cat took up this unusual posture? My guess is that someone out of frame is antagonising the cat.

An alternative and more benign scenario is that the person out of frame is offering the cat some food and the cat is damned hungry but looking at the picture again it is unlikely.

Can we please pay more respect to a cat’s emotions?

Note: King Fu refers to the Chinese martial art of the same name.

Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

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