Picture of Maine Coon Cat ZAK

Here is a picture of Maine Coon cat ZAK. What is special about ZAK? Firstly he is the brother of QUIN and both live with Helmi and Ken Flick. They also live with two adorable British Shorthair cats, SKY and NOX. If you’ve arrived at this page without seeing all four of Ken and Helmi Flick’s cats you might like to click on this link: Ken and Helmi Flick’s Cats

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Maine Coon Cat ZAK

Picture of Maine Coon Cat ZAK– photo ©copyright Michael Broad

So, what is ZAK like? His name gives an indication to me. And this photograph shows a typical ZAK expression. For me, he is gentle, loving and inquisitive. He loves to play. There are some great cat teases in the United States and he has an almost inexhaustible desire and willingness to play with them. I spent many a happy few minutes playing. A notable feature of Maine Coon cats is their body length and rangy frame. ZAK is no different. He is slim under that luxurious fur. The fur is not dense like that of the British Shorthair. In fact, the fur of the Maine Coon and British Shorthair cats are almost at opposite ends of the spectrum of cat fur types. You can feel ZAK’s wiry frame when you stroke him. But when you stroke NOX you feel the fur not the body underneath. NOX’s fur is absolutely gorgeous to touch.ZAK was understandably a little shy and cautious with me at first but then gradually gained in confidence and would come into my room to explore, look out the window and eventually join me on the bed first thing in the morning when I woke up. It was a highly pleasurable experience having him keep me company while I did some work on this website.

Although I took the picture (and I think I was quite brave taking pictures of Ken and Helmi’s cats as she is the best cat photographer!) I think it is not that bad. It is essentially a snap shot using existing lighting; shot very quickly. The whole session was over in about 4 minutes. The main source of light was from a window behind, which was filled in by the white walls and ceiling. I used an SLR digital camera at ASA 1600, a cat tease in my left hand and I held the camera in my right hand (Tetsu style – Tetsu Yamazaki is a very well known Japanese cat photographer). I enjoyed taking a picture of Maine Coon Cat ZAK.

I forgot to add that I also used a camera belonging to Helmi Flick and I took the picture in her home! Man…was I living dangerously. But I didn’t realise it at the time. I don’t think that we necessarily have to take a good picture, just one that is faithful to the cat and which respects the cat. This is very important. This one certainly is, I am pleased to say.

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4 thoughts on “Picture of Maine Coon Cat ZAK”

  1. Beautiful shot of Zak, Michael! I don’t know which cat is my all-time favorite. Wait! Yes, I do know– there isn’t one! 😉 1600 ASA. available light. wow. beautiful.

    1. Thanks Caroline. Took that about 4 years ago. Snapshot in available light. I love Zak. I’ll never see him again because I won’t go over again.

  2. hello.i’m looking for a couple of orginal maine coon.please inform me if you are able to find and send them to me.thanks for attention.

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