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Picture of monumental domestic cat

I have described this grey tabby domestic cat as ‘monumental’ because the style of the photograph and the subject matter gives me this feeling. It is because (a) the cat is very obese and (b) the photographer used a slight telephoto lens which compresses the perspective which in turn gives that monumental, statuesque appearance. It is as if the cat has been carved from granite like a monument.

Picture of monumental domestic cat. The picture is by Ian McGlasham/Alamy Stock Photo.

Most cat owners are, by now, aware of the domestic cat obesity crisis. We are told that there are too many overweight cats which drives another crisis: feline sugar diabetes. That’s on the rise too. Sounds familiar? It should because it reflects what is going on with humans. There is a connection. It is not coincidence. I’ll leave it to you to figure out and in the meantime here are some articles on domestic cat obesity:

How to help your cat lose weight

A lot has been written on how to help your cat lose weight. You can overcomplicate it or you can ...
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Cat diabetes – home treatment – first hand experience

Intro: this is a long and detailed article. It is written by a great guy who has first hand experience ...
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Reasons why some cat owners have overweight cats

Although this is a complicated subject and there are many reasons why some cat owners allow their cats to become ...
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Domestic cats of more neurotic owners may be more likely to be overweight (and more)

Neurotic people who own cats come out badly in a studyA about the personality of cat owners and how it ...
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UK veterinarians are buying lifting equipment for fat cats and porky pooches

The pet obesity crisis in the UK is a constant source of news. It is worrying. I was surprised to ...
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Do domestic cats overeat to alleviate stress?

This is a discussion post. I don't know the answer and neither do the scientists as far as I aware ...
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Fat cat lacks motivation to do water workout

She's gone viral on news websites...She weighs around 25 pounds apparently. The title is an understatement as this cat could ...
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