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Picture of partially amputated and shaved cat’s tail causes hilarity — 3 Comments

  1. Oh, and I also think it’s in poor taste to make fun of your cat for going through what I just described is a difficult operation, which can remain painful and result in elimination disorder too (something to do with the complex nerves in that area).

  2. One of the cats I rescued off the rocks near my home (breakwater in Port Hueneme, Ca.) had his tail dangling and dirty, which I feared was broken and or infected/diseased, and so I was sure to get him to a doctor. Turned out it was/is broken in two places (halfway up and near the base), but apparently not infected or painful, just really damaged and limp. Still worried about it, as this cat had obviously been through a lot and was declining, so I wanted to help him as much as possible, and prevent it from becoming a problem. The vet advised against amputation though, reasoning it’s not exactly an easy operation or for him to go through either… AND the cost could run as high as $3,000. So he spends a lot of his time happy to snuggle me as often as I’m available, showing how much he loves me for at least rescuing him in the first place and giving him a loving, safe and comfortable homelife. He does have it very good now, but that tail still bothers me.

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