Picture of pharmacy student Amira with Simba her cat on her shoulders as she flees Ukraine

This is a picture which sums up the plight and flight of people and their pets from Ukraine thanks to Putin and his irrational desire to annex Ukraine in turning the clock back to the old URRR. He wants the good times back which means the communist dictatorship. He is an old KGB man and so are his buddies who advise him. He has a deep distrust of the West which he calls the “Empire of Lies”. Ironic seeing as he lies through his teeth perpetually and is bathed in corruption.

Pharmacy student Amira with her cat Simba as she flees Ukraine
Pharmacy student Amira with her cat Simba as she flees Ukraine. She will return to Morocco and come back to Ukraine when the invasion is over which might mean a long wait. There are many foreign students in Ukraine and they are getting out. A bunch of Indian students were filmed hastily evacuating yesterday. Picture: screenshot from Sky News video.
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I like the way she is carrying her cat albeit it is fraught with danger but at least the tabby-and-white is on a leash. The cat seems calm and not panicky. A good sign. She wants to return eventually, to, I presume, resume her studies.

Since writing this, Putin has again threatened nuclear war. A lot of commentators are discussing this. Does he really mean it? He’s a bully and he’s liable to make these sorts of threats. What he is saying is that if NATO instigates a no-fly zone over Ukraine or put troops on the ground or does anything in anyway which indicates that they are physically involved in the fight he would consider bombing Ukraine or another country with nuclear armaments.

When someone says that it puts discussions about cats and indeed almost anything else into the shade. Everything almost becomes irrelevant except the necessity to avoid nuclear war. A lot of people don’t believe it could possibly happen. But then a lot of people think that Putin is insane. He’s not barking mad as if he should be in a mental institution but he is deranged, I think, and there is no doubt about that. That being the case it is possible that he would use nuclear armaments. Leaders in the West are being bullied by this. They are frightened he will do it. So, Putin’s bullying is working. Surely this is something to think about.

I am back to my original argument which is that he needs to be eliminated. We need some way to chop off the head of the Russian state. Your mainstream Russians watching their television think that the West is corrupt and that Russia is okay and that Putin is good. This is because television is controlled by the Kremlin. Your average 50-year-old Russian woman watching a television does not know the truth.


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