Picture of Ragdoll cat finding Jesus

I have been a bit presumptuous in describing this cat as a Ragdoll but she does look like one. It is quite a cute picture of a cat which is suitable for this website which discusses anything and everything about all kinds of cats, wild and domestic.

Ragdoll cat finds Jesus
Ragdoll cat finds Jesus. Picture in public domain on Twitter.
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The picture is a reminder that domestic cats are very fond of tight spaces which puts pressure on the sides of their body. They like the feel of it as it brings a sense of security. That’s my theory. It is probably a legacy of ‘childhood’ when they are kittens lying cheek by jowl next to each other in the family nest. A happy time of great security provided by mom.

The domestic cat is kept in a suspended state of kittenhood all the way into adult life because they are dependent on human caretaking.

Although it is hard to see how this can be comfortable for this attractive cat. It looks a bit damp and the metal must be cold.

Is it genuinely possible to say that the cat fund Jesus? Well, no to be frank. It was just a nice place to curl up in.


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