Picture of Robert Simmons and his kitten rescued from flooding during Hurricane Florence

Great pictures of Robert Simmons and his kitten named ‘Survivor’ from flooding due to Hurricane Florence in New Bern, North Carolina have been taken by Andrew Carter.

Robert Simmons and kitten rescued from flooding in N. Carolina
Robert Simmons and kitten rescued from flooding in N. Carolina. Picture: Andrew Carter
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Robert Simmons Jr. and his kitten “Survivor” are rescued from floodwaters in New Bern, NC. Photo: Andrew Carter

We are told by The Times that New Bern has been devastated by flooding due to hurricane Florence. Apparently over 4000 homes have been flooded. Many cars have been submerged in railway tracks have been washed away.

Main streets are waist deep in water. There are some low-lying areas which had been worst affected. These areas are homes to mainly black residents who make up a third of the town’s population (30,000).

Disasters such as this however bring people together as one wise person said, “Mother nature don’t know black or white and at times like this everyone sticks together”.

Hurricane Florence has dumped 18 trillion gallons of water on the Carolinas during Thursday and Friday. There are some volunteer rescuers who are very impressive. A couple of them are Tyler McCarty and Jeremy Emory who saved a man in his late 60s, whose name is Chapman.

The couple of rescuers jumped into their Ford F-150 truck with a trailer and 14 foot boat attached and drove 35 miles to New Bern to try and help. The guys work for a tree removal company and they among many others who came to help during storm force winds and lashing rain. Chapman was mighty pleased to see them.

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