Robert Simmons and his kitten rescued from flooding due to Hurricane Florence in N. Carolina

This is a really fine photograph of a guy who is in a boat having been rescued from bad flooding in New Bern, North Carolina because of hurricane Florence. It was taken by Andrew Carter.

At the time the picture was taken the waters were still rising. New Bern was first settled in 1710 by Swiss immigrants. It has been devastated. Over 4000 homes have been flooded. Power lines have been torn down. Cars have been submerged in railway tracks have been washed away.

The rescuers have been very courageous and selfless. One person wisely said that “Mother nature don’t know black or white and at times like this everyone sticks together”.

Disasters do bring people together. I think that this is one of the best cat rescue pictures that I have seen quite a long while.

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