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Picture of Sara Anderson and her cat Loki — 2 Comments

  1. Loki is well-known. He has a Facebook page. Sphynx generally look grumpy. I suppose fur covers many unpleasant features of our normally furry friends.

    I don’t like nose-rings either, but I’m not going to criticize the subject of an article in my own article because of style. It’s crass and unprofessional. This seems like a personal hit.

    Loki passed recently and she is grieving. Be kind. And apologize.

    • Okay I apologise but I did make it clear that it is a personal view. I also praised the woman’s appearance. And I know Sphynx cats look grumpy and I said it’s what makes the picture good. So I don’t understand why I should apologise. I think I am doing Sara a favor actually. She’d be better off taking the rings out.

      It’s called freedom of speech. It is not unprofessional. It’s just me expressing my opinion. Neither is it crass. Just because you disagree does make it crass. It’s your comment which is more crass than my article. I had no idea Loki just died. I am sorry to hear that. But it does not change my observations and the right to make the observations.

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