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Picture of semi-feral cat colony

Semi-feral cat colony. Photo:?

For me this picture, screams ‘semi-feral cat colony’ in a warm country. The climate certainly looks amenable to sustaining a feral cat colony. But these cats are clearly not true feral cats. The photographer is a couple of yards away from the nearest cats and they look up at her calmly and without any apprehension. These cats are clearly used to being in contact with humans which makes them community cats (accepted as part of the human community) or semi-feral in my opinion.

You can see how they are related and therefore breeding in a classic feral cat manner. The six cats nearest the camera comprises of four grey/brown tabbies and two ginger-and-white tabbies. They look like siblings. Towards the bak of the pack there appears to be some more ginger and grey tabbies. There is also a tortie-and-white on the right and another further back.

Someone needs to get involved and start TNR on this group. Perhaps they already have but a bit late in the day. The place looks like the eastern Mediterranean. Perhaps Montenegro, Croatia, Albania or Greece. Now, I am open to being corrected on anything I have said. But this is the sort of image you get in countries where there is a lack of concern about feral cats until someone complains and they are all poisoned or something equally cruel. They look well fed incidentally which implies that they are community cats and someone is feeding them but not under TNR methods.


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