Picture of seven frozen tiger cubs for Asian body parts market

This is a picture of four out of seven frozen tiger cubs. It is an horrific picture. It is a very sad picture. To think these beautiful tiger cubs were killed and frozen like this for commercial gain on the Asian market. It just fills my heart with dread and despair at the inhumanity and despicableness of the behaviour of the people involved in this.

Four of seven tiger frozen tiger cub carcasses destined for the Asian tiger body parts markerplace

Four of seven tiger frozen tiger cub carcasses destined for the Asian tiger body parts markerplace. Picture now in the public domain.

The haul of frozen tiger carcasses were found in a car in Hanoi and one the wildlife trafficking suspects apprehended is Nguyen Huu Hue. He is believed to have smuggled them from neighbouring Laos and it is further believed that he has been smuggling animals like this for years. He was arrested with two other people (see Phan Van Vui below). The cubs were found in their vehicle in a parking lot.

Tiger body part trafficker

Tiger body part trafficker, Phan Van Vui, one of those arrested.

Hue had set up a building materials business as a cover for the illegal trade in tigers and wildlife. They aren’t sure whether the cubs are from the wild or captivity. They may have come from illegal tiger farms in Laos. These farm supply much of Asia’s demand for tiger meat and parts.

We are told that Vietnam is a hub both in terms of consumption and as a smuggling route for illegal wildlife. The authorities in the country and the wider authorities in terms of enforcing treaties do little about it or are unable to stop it. It is highly depressing and can only end in one conclusion, the eventual extinction of tigers in the wild on the planet.

Tiger bone is normally boiled down and mixed with rice wine to make tiger bone wine which Asians believe can treat arthritis and promote strength. The Hanoi authorities have long said that they will crack down on illegal wildlife trade but they are all mouth and no trousers. That more or less sums it up and nothing has changed years.

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