Picture of Siberian cats at home in the cold

This is the way I like to see Siberian cats: in their element. These are the real thing; farm Siberian cats as purebred as you’ll get, yet not selectively bred at all. They are in Russia, on a farm and it is damned cold. Their coats are amazing and they play a major role in their lives compared to purebreds in Western countries where the coat serves no purpose other than to look good.

I love to see naturally occurring purebred cats. These are random bred in that a cat breeder does not select the breeding cats but the end result is a cat as purebred or more so than any selectively bred cat in the West.

Siberian cat in Siberia

Awesome Real Siberian Cats in Siberia

Here are some photographs of what I'd term 'real Siberian cats'. They are not purebred but are purer than American ...
Siberian cat Darius

Siberian Cat Picture – Darius

This is a photograph of an award winning Siberian cat which should impress you and it may well encourage you ...
Siberian cat

Large Picture Siberian Cat 3

Siberian cat - photo copyright © Helmi Flick. This is a very popular photo judging by the number of shares ...
Brown Classic Torbie Siberian Cat

Brown Classic Torbie Siberian Cat

This is 'Gemma' photographed by Helmi Flick. The photos have the Helmi stamp all over them. You can recognise a ...
Siberian Maine Coon Comparison

The Cat Cold War

Why is the Maine Coon cat so much more popular than the Siberian cat? They are cat breeds of similar ...
Siamese cat with slight squint

Adenocarcinomas of the small intestine and Siamese cats

The Siamese cat is predisposed to getting adenocarcinomas of the small intestine. This is a certain type of cancer and ...
Siberian cat

A cat named “Peace” makes dreams come true

мир (Mir) means "peace" in Russian. It is the name of the most magnificent and presidential Siberian cat you will ...
Siberian hermit lady Agafya

Siberian hermit lady lives with eight cats

She lives deep in Siberia, a full two day trip along rivers from the nearest civilisation. She lives alone with ...

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