Picture of spectrum and cat’s paws generates applause

A nice, simple picture of a spectrum of light overlapping with a cat’s paw receives praise on Pinterest as it should.

Spectrum and cat's paws

Spectrum and cat’s paws. The spectrum might have been created by a glass prism. Photo: Pinterest.

This is a cat in repose and it seems that a smart photographer has placed a glass prism to one side to cast a spectrum of light over the paws. If it was created in this way it is a really neat idea which works brilliantly. All kudos to the photographer. A nice touch is the way the spectrum merges with the tabby pattern.

Harmonious Elements

Why do these two elements, a cat’s paws and a spectrum of light go together so well? I think it is because they are both pure and a part of nature. White light is made up of the colors that you see in the image. Light is everything to life. A cat is so beautifully natural and an evolutionary wonder; a superb predator and survivor.

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