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Picture of Sphynx cat eating catnip is a shocker

Sphynx cat eating catnip is a shocker. Photo: Andrew Marttila

It makes you look carefully; a stange combination of a hairless cat and a tongue covered in catnip. In my experience domestic cats don’t really eat catnip when it is loose as we see in the photo. They lick it up and spit it out. This behavior is part of a package of odd behaviors caused by catnip. Cats may at first play with a catnip toy as if it is prey. Then they might rub against it ecstatically and behave like a female cat in heat. Many cats drool and lick the catnip. Bleach can have a similar reaction sometimes (see article below).

I have written a lot about catnip so I won’t repeat myself here. I have written too much I am sure. Here are some pages if you are interested:

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