Picture of Sphynx cat shows a lot of skin between arm and body

Sphynx cats tend to throw up some strange photographs. One I published years ago showed the webbed feet of cats. The hairless cat’s lack of fur reveals more clearly the domestic cat’s anatomy to us. We see things we would not normally see. In this instance we see a lot of loose skin attached to the forelegs and the toro. This cat’s appearance is reminiscent of a bat. But this is not unique to this hairless cat or hairless cats in general. All domestic cats have this to varying degrees. We just don’t see it because it is covered with hair. My guess is the skin serves the purpose of allowing the domestic cat to be more flexible which helps in running with speed, and general athleticism. The picture carries the photo credit.

Sphynx cat picture shows the skin between foreleg and torso of the domestic cat

Sphynx cat picture shows the skin between foreleg and torso of the domestic cat.

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