Picture of stray cat Murphy encapsulates the hard life they can lead

This is a photo that caught my eye, and when photos do arrest me, I like to spread ‘the word’ – pictures are worth a thousand words. The caption from registered non-profit in Ontario, Canada, Project Save Animals is as follows: “Poor boy Murphy was sprayed for fleas but needs an x-ray and a complete panel as well since the vet thinks there is more happening with these cats than just the rhinovirus. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get these done in time.”

My heart goes out to him. I can feel the suffering he has been through. It is all in his face; weary of the fight to survive, when sick, in the urban jungle which can be so hard, too hard sometimes, for stray cats. Murphy is not feral. Look at him; as compliant as you’d ever want. He just sits there quietly letting the workers help him. Perhaps he realises it. He looks dead beat to me. He probably feels like crap because he is ill and worn out.

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Poor boy Murphy was sprayed for fleas but needs an x-ray and a complete panel as well

Poor boy Murphy was sprayed for fleas but needs an x-ray and a complete panel as well. Photo:
Project Save Animals.

He is a white cat although it is hard to recognise it as she is so filthy. He has given up his natural desire to groom himself. It should be added, however, that some stray cats and some feral cats live quite decent lives because kind volunteers look after them. Ironically, this can cause disputes between people. The issue of stray and feral cat is one of life’s most intractable problems. A problem created by people. It would have been far better if humankind had been a little more careful after they first domesticated the wildcat by mutual consent.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    I’ve had more than one cat thrown out here in the country that looked like this. And many like this cat just give up and stop grooming. But once they get food whenever they want most begin grooming again and the sad face turns into a happy face.

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